A Blog:cms to NucleusCMS Hack* Logo


This is the default and required homepage of the hack. If you need to go from Blog:cms to the stability of Nucleus this is the place you need to be.

Why would you want to do this?

(A history of the project)

Matt B found that after installing Blog:cms it was not quite what was pommised. He chose to stick with the package as it had some very nice features. However it also had some very nasty flaws.

The he made a simple discovery that changed everything for him. Blog:cms was only a very hacked*** version of NucleusCMS.

All NucleusCMS plugins still worked with Blog:cms so, in theory, it should be possible to revert to the main line code base.

This project is the result. A bridge to cross the gap back home to NucleusCMS without giving up much, if anything, fromt he current install. So if Blog:CMS has any redeaming qualities then they will be converted to plugins and saved for everyday useage.

Matt B was not sure whay this hadn't happened to start with but he determined to have a go now.


The Future

Right now the hackery we have done has gotten Matt B back to a working install but we would like to create a wrapper template to include MediaWiki in place of the other wiki and perhaps inovate a little with the plugin system so we don't have to force the usage of the hacks lib.

It is also our intention to grab all the necessary plugins (making them and fixing them if we must) to totally enable matching or supirior functionality to the B:cms system for nucleus users

* we use the word hack in the best possible meaning of the word.

** Too much ego on the part of the developer team, he felt.

*** we use the word hacked with reservations as it was some poor hackery in places.